Mobile Recording

The name says it all. Our unique service brings a fully featured professional studio to wherever you can find a power outlet. Mixing and Digital Mastering are included for free when you record with us because like your internet service provider, we’re trying to get you to bundle up.


This is the part where we find out how big the guitar player’s ego is. How loud should this be? How loud should that be? A little to the left, or a little to the right? Is that enough low end on the kick drum for you? You get the idea. Our big thing here is we don’t like compressors, and enjoy music with all of its dynamics preserved.

Digital Mastering

The last step of the process; at least until you get it remastered in 20 years. This is the part that optimizes the finished mixes for various playback formats like streaming services, vinyl, CD, or whenever the future brings us holographic concerts. We don’t do vinyl mastering because that requires a lot of expensive equipment we don’t have, but we’re trying our best to be ready for the future.

Photo & Video

Want your album to exist as more than just audio files? We’ve got you covered with photographic and video documentation packages available. The photos on this site are from previous sessions, but they don’t have to be in black and white if that’s not your aesthetic.