Denver’s High Fidelity

Mobile Recording


Do you Love the energy of your rehearsal recordings, but wish they sounded good enough to release?

There’s a certain level of excitement, intimacy, and spontaneity that the room a band is most comfortable in creates. We strive to capture everything about your sound with the sound quality that will make you question why traditional studios are still around.

Tired of conforming to standard studio procedures and having producers ruin your sound?

Yeah, us too. That’s why we follow a simple rule: Your Space, Your Rules. We’ll make your record your way and won’t take over the creative process.


Do you have a home studio and want to take your sound to the next level for your next project?

We’ll bring our world class microphones, preamps, and converters to you so you can finally hear the sound that’s always been in your head.

Want to avoid an awkward first interaction and make sure we’re the right fit before we record?

Invite us to your next show! We’d love to meet the band and get familiar with your music before we even talk about recording it.


Quality Speaks For Itself

We get that the language we’ve been using on this website has set a certain tone, but we want to focus on that bringing audiophile level quality to wherever you could want to make a record is our number one concern. That’s why we’re kind of taking this website as a joke because we’re really just music lovers and audio nerds. We love what we do hear.